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The island of Ukerewe is a densely populated rural island, with subsistence agriculture employing over 90% of the population. Historically, fishing was another main economic activity; however, fishing as a source of individual livelihood has dramatically declined. Ukerewe is one of the poorest districts in Tanzania.

The Canada Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA) has been working in partnership with the Ukerewe District Council and the Nansio Hospital to provide free health care to the people of Ukerewe Island. One to two medical caravans travel to Ukerewe Island yearly and since 2009 CACHA groups and individuals have been developing and supporting projects on the island.

Take a moment to think about it. What if you had to miss school or work because you did not have proper menstrual supplies? How many days per year would you lose in education and wages simply because you got your period? What if no one ever taught you about menstruation, or worse: if menstrual taboos and myths made you feel ashamed of your body? This is the situation for more than 500 million women, girls and menstruators worldwide. It’s called Period Poverty. (

You can help! Your donation will support four young women to earn an income by learning to make reusable sanitary pads. This project will provide pads and menstrual education to 500 girls in both primary and secondary school on Ukerewe Island.

For more information please contact Dr. Karin Euler


Sanitary Pad project on Ukerewe Island – with Justine

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