Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro Girls Secondary School

Location: Mwanga, Tanzania

The initiative for the girls’ boarding school came from Rhoda C. Msuya, the late wife of the Honourable Cleopa D. Msuya, former Prime Minister of Tanzania. As the advisor on socio-economic and women in development issues of the ruling party in 2008, Rhoda worked with the local Tanzania Women’s Organization to construct two classrooms. The school is named in honor of the work of Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro, a member and Minister of the Government of Tanzania and a Deputy Secretary General to the United Nations.  


In 2009, Canadians, David and Debby Beatty helped take the school to where it is now, and began making significant annual contributions to the project.


The Beatty donations, along with contributions from Mwanga District Council, the parents, and the local Tanzania government, were used to build:

  • 8 classrooms
  • Offices for teachers
  • Furnished dormitory able to accommodate 256 girls
  • Essential infrastructure: roads, cooking area, toilets, water tanks, and a piped distribution system  


In January 2010, enrollment began, and in October 2013, the first 90 girls celebrated their graduation.


Current Work

The school currently has a capacity of over 300 students. The students receive secondary school education that helps to level the playing field in a primarily male-dominated society.  


Next Steps

Thanks to the acknowledgement and support of Cleopa D. Msuya, we are hoping to expand the school – adding additional accommodation, a dining hall, and other buildings.



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Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro Girls Secondary School Project

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