CACHA Board Members


Dr. Don Kilby

Dr. Kilby has always been a strong advocate for access to healthcare for marginalized populations including the poor, the homeless, injection drug users, and immigrant populations.

He has been on the forefront of HIV/AIDS in Canada for more than 25 years. He has chaired several advisory committees including the Federal Ministry Council on HIV/AIDS, the Ontario Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS, and the Ottawa Carleton Council on HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Kilby has been involved with CACHA since its creation in 2001. As the president of the board, Dr. Kilby is responsible for ultimate oversight of the board and ensuring CACHA is able to complete its mandate.

Dr. Kilby has been awarded the Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award and an Ontario Award for Good Citizenship, and has most recently been named a Governor General medal recipient.

Interim Treasurer

Chris Fisher

Chris completed his undergraduate degree in political science with a concentration in international relations and development. Chris worked in the area of anti-retroviral treatment and research both during his time with pharmaceutical companies and as executive director at the University of Ottawa Health Services. His work in HIV clinical research programs has led him to take part in various international conferences and remain committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Chris joined CACHA in April 2004 and became the head of the Tanzania project committee, and has since led seven missions to the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania.

Chris currently sits on the board as interim treasurer and is responsible for advising the board on financial matters.


Linda Newton

Linda is an infrastructure asset management consultant who has worked with the federal government,
the Canadian School of Public Service and the United Nations. She has travelled extensively in Africa
and other areas of the developing world, including many trips to Uganda. She is a Rotarian and has been
involved with CACHA since 2015 after listening to a presentation on the Agnes Zabali Boys and Girls Club
at her Rotary Club. Linda has experience on several voluntary sector boards of directors. She joined the
CACHA Board of Directors in 2018.

Country Lead and Board Member

Nini Cohen

Nini is a retired pediatric nurse by trade and has been in the field for over 30 years.

Prior to working at CHEO, Nini worked in Ghana from 1969 to 1971. As a country lead, Nini is responsible for informing the board of her experiences in Bénin and other partner countries.

Board Member

Dr. Jennifer Clow

Dr. Clow is an emergency room physician with the Ottawa Hospital. Dr. Clow has been leading CACHA’s missions to Terrat, Tanzania since 2014. She is also a longtime volunteer with Dreams Take Flight and a game-day physician with the Ottawa Senators.

Legal Consultant

Alexander “Sandy” Davidson

Sandy Davidson is a retired Department of Justice lawyer, and was main legal adviser to the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorate for 33 years. Sandy has volunteer experience with several charity boards, prison visitation, St. John Ambulance first aid, and 9 short term infrastructure and medical mission trips to Belize, Manila, Kenya, Mexico, Grenada and Nicaragua.