The Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club (AZBGC)

Location: Kamengo, Uganda


Kamengo is a community with a population of approximately 10,000 adults and 3,200 children. With a HIV/AIDS prevalence of 4%, malaria, and tuberculosis. There is a high child-to-adult ratio.

In 2006, a group run by the family and friends of Agnes Zabali, came together to create a place for orphans and vulnerable children in Kamengo. Originally called Care For Your Life, the Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club became a local youth committee, focused on providing a supportive place where each child and adult would feel valued and respected in an environment of inclusion and acceptance.


The AZBGC project seeks to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children to manage the challenges they face
  • Provide resources and opportunities that will enable those in our program to overcome barriers and remain in school
  • Promote academic achievement and innovation among the youth of the AZBGC
  • Increase access to basic health care services for all members of the AZBGC
  • Provide additional support to the local community education system


Current Work

The AZBGC currently supports 155 students, and community members. They are provided with basic health, education, recreational activities, and developmental projects that improve health and wellbeing, enhance youth development, foster community growth, create employment, and reduce poverty and inequality in the future for those in the program.

The AZBGC generates some of their own income through projects such as growing their own garden, maintaining a piggery, raising poultry and cows. They also have the opportunity to learn basic computer training, art, crafts and drama. Students who demonstrate consistent academic progress are also supported with school fees, and school supplies. We are exceptionally proud of our students who have graduated university, and those entering high school and vocational training.

In December 2016, thanks to our partners at Courts for Kids[B1] , the AZBGC received its own basketball court.


Next Steps

The AZBGC will continue to partner with CACHA and Ggoli Health Centre on the annual medical, educational, and infrastructure missions.

As part of these missions, our volunteers will continue to hold health seminars at the community center to educate local youth on puberty, HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases. They will continue to teach at local primary and secondary schools; and help maintain and improve the infrastructure of the buildings of the club.

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