The OVC  (orphans and vulnerable children) - CLWHA(children living with HIV/AIDS)  Support Programme

Location: Kilema, Moshi District, Tanzania

Tegemeo Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Programme Project

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In May 2005, during a CACHA mission to Tanzania in the midst of the AIDS epidemic, the need to support the growing number of orphans and vulnerable children was evident.

In response, CACHA implemented the Tegemeo OVC-CLWHA, in Kilema (Tanzania). The local staff, along with a CIDA intern, were asked to identify children with one or both parent(s) missing, that were living in vulnerable conditions, had health issues, or had a caretaker with health issues (including HIV/AIDS). The children live with grandparents, extended family, or in child-headed households with no adult care.

CACHA supports these children by:

  • Providing basic necessities such as food, clothing, medical care, and proper shelter
  • Ensuring they have access to education and providing the necessities to attend school, including lunches
  • Meeting the social and emotional needs of the children through recreational activities and psychosocial support
  • Utilizing tracking systems to ensure monitoring of support

In 2009, CACHA was able to support over 215 OVC and CLWHA to varying degrees, and their caregivers also received medical support. An educational garden was established at the Kisuluni Secondary School, with funding from the Rotary Club; and CACHA constructed a chicken coop housing 100 chickens at the centre with the aim to use the coop as a teaching tool and support more OVC children.

Current Work

CACHA continues to work on supporting as many children as we can. To sponsor one child for one year, CACHA needs to raise $365. 

$365/year is $1 a day!

$1/day provides basic necessities and social and emotional support to an orphan or vulnerable child.

Next Steps

By moving to the town of Himo, CACHA hopes to expand and grow the OVC-CLWHA program to support additional children.

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