(with thanks to doTerra Healing Hands for their partnership)

doTERRA Healing Hands will match every dollar you donate up to a maximum of 10,000 USD.

This reusable sanitary pad project will teach 60 women living in DR Congo how to sew reusable sanitary pads. After the training component all equipment, supplies and furniture will continue to be used by the women to make and sell these reusable products for ongoing income generation.

The pads will be sold to girls and women at an affordable cost making them accessible and allowing them to continue their work and studies. The funds raised will be used to purchase equipment including industrial strength serges, embroidery machines, a generator with fuel, and sewing machines, along with materials and supplies, and food and water to support the women during their training.

In developing countries such as DR Congo, it is important to add food and water to the training budget. Without these necessities, women are not able to learn at the level which is required as we know that food and water are critical for the learning process for all human beings.

Because of the COVID pandemic no more than 4 women can train at any one time and therefore training will take place in 15 groups of 4 women each.  Each group of 4 women already form a cooperative sewing business and will return to their business to make and sell the reusable pads to increase their incomes.

The women in DR Congo will be excited to see this project come to fruition.


For more information please contact Cathy Cleary at or 613-876-0330



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