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Location: South Kivu, D.R. Congo

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The Msenwa Project was established to inspire resilience, hope and possibilities in the orphaned and other vulnerable Congolese children and youth whom as a result of extreme poverty caused by ongoing unrest and socio-economical political instability have lost hope of having their basic needs met and furthering their education due to high cost of attending school. The Msenwa Project provides basic needs (food, education, shelter and health) to 24 vulnerable children and youth from South Kivu region, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Our Congolese Partner organization Congo for Christ Center runs a primary school (Mango Tree) and a home whereby 13 of the children and youth live full time and the remaining live out in the community with extended families.

We also run community outreach days for vulnerable children and youth from the community to come learn, do activities and have a nutritious meal every other Saturday. We provide meals to between 500-1500 children on each of these days.

We strongly believe that a good primary, high school and university education not only is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, but importantly, it can create a better future for children and their families as young people are empowered with the skills needed to become entrepreneurs, secure dignified employment and income. We invite you to sponsor a student and invest in the future of DR Congo and Africa, one youth at a time. We have many children coming to our doors in dire need and urgent support is needed for them. We need 22 sponsors.

Your donation of only $40/month ($480/year) provides one of these precious children with:

·       School fees, a uniform & educational supplies, basic medical care as needed and a loving community at the Congo for Christ Centre.

·        Many of our children live too far away to travel each day for education or are orphaned or in a rescue situation. You can provide a special opportunity for a child (full room and board at Congo for Christ Centre) as well as education for $80 per month.

·        Special meal days $1000 per month

·        Primary Teachers Salaries $135 per month

·        Secondary Teachers Salaries $215 per month


Thank you for your support!