Location: Benin



Expected results 

  • Development : more books, magazines, educational games, more opening hours, more cultural activities and more girls attending the library.
  • Autonomy: progressive integration into the library network of Benin until full appropriation of the project by local authorities.

Your financial support

  • Purchase of African books, in French and Fon (Beninese native language), in bookstores in Cotonou, Benin (average of $15 per book)
  • Salary of an employee responsible  for the opening, maintenance, inventory and attendance statistics since 2008 (30,000 CFA francs per month, approximately $70 CAD)
  • Salary of a new employee responsible of cultural activities and the implementation of programs that encourage more girls and women to attend the library(30,000 CFA francs per month, approximately $70 CAD)
  • do-it-yourself material
  • Library management stationery
  • if funds are available, we support living expenses of Canadian volunteers who come working on site
  • There is also a 15% administration fee for the Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance. Income tax receipts are automatically sent for donations of $20 or more!


Your donation of books, magazines, and educational games

  • contact the project leader to find out what your specific needs are at this time: anniedesnoyers@yahoo.ca


The library to date

  • more than 2,300 books and 1,000 magazines
  • educational games
  • do-it-yourself materials
  • open from 9 am to noon and 3 pm at sunset (no electricity), from Monday to Saturday
  • free entrance

A brief History

  • 2008 : founded by Catherine Dallaire and Josée Gauthier with a local committee composed of Martial Gandébagni, Aimé Tougan, Julien Akpandé and Eugène Delidji
  • 2014: resumption of activities on the Canadian side: Annie Desnoyers became the new project manager
  • between 2014 and 2016: the number of books doubled
  • 2016: reorganization of the project funding
  • 2018: Hiring of a new employee (now 2 employees)


A Unifying partnership

  • donations from local authorities: building, shelves, road signs, signs
  • Canadian donations: books, magazines, games, salaries, tables, stools, benches, shelves, chairs
  • donations from the Beninese diaspora (coming soon)



  • Benin, just like Canada, is one of the 21 founders countries of the international Francophonie in 1970.
  • French is the only official language of the country (language of administration, justice, education, business).
  • On a daily basis, French interacts with nearly 60 national languages, including Fon in the southern part of the country, as in Cotonou and Aklampa.


The Aklampa Community

  • 18, 000 inhabitants
  • 3 nursery schools
  • 6 elementary schools
  • 1 high school
  • no running water or electricity in general in houses and buildings

Benin (Source: Unicef)

  • Population of 10 million, of which 5 million are under 18 years old (2015)
  • Boys' elementary school attendance: 72% (2012), 77% (2014)
  • Girls' elementary school attendance: 68% (2012), 73% (2014)
  • Boys' secondary school attendance: 49% (2012), 50% (2014)
  • Girls' secondary school attendance: 40% (2012), 38% (2014)
  • Literacy for young men (15-24 years old): 55% (2014)
  • Literacy for young women (15-24 years old): 31% (2014)
  • Life expectancy: 59 years (2012), 60 years (2015)


Bibliothèque d’Aklampa

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