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The Help the Children of Tanzania Fund is used to improve living conditions, education for children and young adults, provide health care to individuals without access otherwise and to support Women's Cooperatives with an income generating project to help them become more independent and better able to support their families.


Current Work


From 2009 to 2020


  • Built 5 kitchens at 5 Secondary Schools to feed around 2,500 students
  • Paid school fees for 30 School of Nursing students and Medical students
  • Paid school supplies, books and around 450 school uniforms for students unable to attend school otherwise;
  • Built 25 houses for families living in dire poverty;
  • Provided nutritious food pack and 7 tons of dried vegetables and fruits for malnourished HIV clients at Shirati Hospital;
  • Provided drugs for many HIV/Palliative care patients and disadvantaged clients.
  • Have supported 74 groups (around 2,200 women);
  • Provided 25 groups with a grinding machines;
  • 29 groups with sewing machines and sewing supplies;
  • 15 groups with hippo rollers;
  • Paid for surgeries including tubal ligations for women; medicine, hospital stays, prosthetic legs and transportation for patients;
  • Donated to the Poor fund at hospital for food for patients;
  • Distributed 1,000 washable menstrual kits to 1,000 high school girls who were missing up to a week of school each month during menstruation;
  • Have supported 42 groups (around 1000 women) with an income generating project of their choosing to provide income to set up micro loans. These loans are used to start their own businesses in order to help support their families. The women also contribute to the project as stated below.


These projects have positively impacted the lives of around 2,200 women plus their families, so about 11,000 people's lives are improved as a result of the income from these income generating projects. These Women's Cooperatives have also used some income to expand into other income generating projects, like buying more sewing machines to make clothes and bags, buying chairs to rent out for funerals and weddings and buying seeds to grow produce to sell at the market. It is truly incredible to see the initiative and resilience of these women who are struggling to support their families.  These projects are monitored on a regular basis.


We are truly grateful for the support of many donors who help make this work possible and who make a positive difference in the lives of these people. Our work is ongoing, so donations are welcome year round. 


Next Steps



Our aim is to help the children of Tanzania by giving them an education, by supporting Women's Cooperatives with Income Generating Projects of their choosing so they can better support their children and families, but also to respond to the immediate needs of the poorest of the poor by improving their healthcare and living conditions .





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