The Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre (TWTC): A partnership with Worlds Collide Africa

Location: Goma, The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre Project

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Located in the city of Goma, the TWTC is a place for women fleeing the war in their villages to develop the skills needed to support themselves and their families.

The TWTC offers the women a two-year program to train in a new skill and begin a solo or cooperative business.

Current Work

Our first class graduated in June 2016, and has begun 4 cooperative business ventures with four women in each business.

We currently have 16 women in first year, and 16 women in second year training learning the skills of a seamstress.

We also have 10 women in our basket weaving classes every six months.


Next Steps  

Our aim is to provide each Congolese woman at the TWTC with support to complete training with the help of a North American sponsor.


The cost to support a woman is $50 CDN/month or $600 CDN/year with a two-year commitment.

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