The Tchukudu Kids Home (TKH) and Jonathan Holiday School: A partnership with Worlds Collide Africa

Location: Goma, The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Current Work

In conjunction with The Art of Courage, the Tchukudu Kids Home (TKH) provides the basic needs (food, shelter, health, and education) for 140 orphaned children from the North Kivu region of the DRC.  The circumstances whereby these kids were orphaned vary, but what links them all is the ongoing unrest, violence, and poor socio-political situation.  The TKH house opened in 2013 and is home base for all our children when they are in need of support.  30 of the youngest children live full time in the TKH and the remainder live within the community in “Welcome Families” homes.

In 2017 we built and opened The Jonathan Holiday School. This school is providing a free education to our Tchukudu Kids primary students and also to children from the surrounding neighbourhood - including children from our "welcome families” and children from the Tchukudu Women’s Training program.  We have 14 people on staff currently and are educating nearly 400 children!  In 2020 we were able to provide temporary classrooms to educate grades 7 and 8, which also provided 2 teaching jobs.

Next Steps

We are hoping to be able to construct 3 additional classrooms for the Jonathan Holiday School.

We are also looking for 40 new sponsors for our children.  We are currently providing care for 140 with 100 children’s sponsorship fees.

Child sponsorship $50 per month
Primary Teachers Salaries $125 per month
Secondary Teachers Salaries $225 per month

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The Tchukudu Kids Home Project

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