The Dagbemabu Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project

Location: Aklampa, Bénin

The Dagbemabu Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project

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In 2008, working closely with members in the Aklampa village, a CIDA intern conducted a census to determine the children who could be identified as orphans or vulnerable. Of the 367 children identified, 20 were supported by the OVC that year, and 50 were supported the following year.  


Current Work

CACHA continues to work with village members and community leaders to continue to provide the OVC their food, soap and clothes, school supplies, school fees, recreational activities and tutorships.


Next Steps

With CACHA support, the village of Aklampa has executed parallel projects including a school garden and feeding program, microprojects for widow mothers, and support for the community resource centre.  CACHA is working to initiate further projects and help strengthen the OVC.