Christine Souliere


Project: Kamengo Uganda Mission
Start Date: 27/03/2023


Christine Souliere – Co-Lead Kamengo, Uganda

March 27 to April 6, 2023

I have been working with CACHA as a volunteer since 2011.  My first missions were in Tanzania, where I learned that every small contribution could make a very large impact in someone’s life.  With no formal medical training, I have used my logistics skills to contribute to the missions.  Both medical and logistic people are needed for it to be a success.

I am now honoured to co-lead CACHA’s mission in Uganda with Jimmy Sebulime. Together, we’ll oversee the preparations leading up to the mission and  coordinate things on the ground with our local partners. We also support the community in other ways:

Agnes Zibali Boys and Girls Club (AZBGC)

  • We provide resources and opportunities so vulnerable children can overcome barriers and remain in school
  • Provide additional support to the local community education and health care systems
  • Facilitate youth economic empowerment through supporting sustainable small business

For more information on AZBGC please visit

Capacity Building

  • We work with our partners from Kamengo.They are in control of the medical mission and can take over any portion as needed.   They provide translation services for us while we work and help the Canadian logisticians manage the line ups.  A typical day would have us providing medical services to 350+ people.  Together with our partners, we strive to find the best way to serve the people of Kamengo and the surrounding villages.

Please join us on our mission!  Either in person, or in spirit!


Christine Souliere Kamengo Uganda Mission

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