Tanya Hasenberger


Project: Ukerewe Medical Mission
Start Date: 17/10/2018

My Name is Tanya Hasenberger, and I am a recent graduate from the Queen’s University Nursing program. I am very excited to be doing my very first medical mission with CACHA. I have been fortunate enough to be chosen to go on the Ukerewe Medical mission in Tanzania this Fall 2018 and I am absolutely thrilled to be working along side many like minded individuals.

Health services and resources are exceedingly inadequate and access to medical care is limited as farmers and fishers are living in extreme poverty, often eating only 1 meal per day- our goal is to o offer medical outreach to 300-500+ people per day.

I chose nursing because I am passionate about helping and working with others. I am raising funds to help cover some of the cost. I am hoping that this volunteer mission will help me grow as a person but also allow me to use my nursing skills to help change the lives of those less fortunate.

 Please donate to this amazing cause, every little bit helps!

Tanya Hasenberger

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The individuals on these pages are raising funds in support of CACHA’s mission. The funds are given to CACHA to defray the costs of participation in, and supplies for, the mission, and not for the personal benefit of any participant. CACHA retains control over the use of all donated funds. Once the needs for the program have been met, or cannot be completed for any reason, any remaining contributions will be used where needed most.

Location: Ukerewe and Ukara Islands, Ukerewe District, Mwanza Region, Tanzania
Partner: Ukerewe District Council (comprised of Nansio District Hospital, 22 dispensaries, and 3 health centers)
Beneficiaries: Around 4,000 patients per mission
Objective: To increase access to education and healthcare for the Ukerewe Island population.
Hospital Catchment Area: 310,271 people
Achieved Results and Activities: Members of the community on Ukerewe Island first approached CACHA in 2007. An initial visit was undertaken in October of 2008 to assess the feasibility of expanding CACHA’s outreach work to the island. Meetings were held with prospective partners and plans were made for a first caravan in January/February of 2009. That caravan was held successfully and plans were made for a second caravan in October of 2009. As a result of the success of the second caravan, CACHA committed itself to a cycle of two caravans per year for the Ukerewe and Ukara islands.

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