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Project: Terrat Medical Mission - Fall 2019 (September 24 - October 11, 2019)
Start Date: 24/09/2019

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!

Having worked for over 20 years as a Registered Cardiology Technologist/phlebotomist on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Brampton Ontario and presently at the Montfort Hospital, Ottawa Civic Emergency Department as well as the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, my passion for Health care has been undeniable to all who know me. When this amazing opportunity crossed my path, I could not let it pass me by.


It is with great humility that I have set my sights on going on a philanthropic Mission to the land of the Maasai in Terrat, Tanzania with a wonderful group of nurses from the Ottawa Civic Emergency Department and other like-minded people that I am yet to meet. It will be led by a very devoted humanitarian Dr. Jennifer Clow.  She truly is one special lady with a multitude of achievements from her previous missions. It is an absolute honour to be a part of her team.


We will be seeing on average 2,500 patients in our two-week sojourn with a huge variety of complaints. Lots of it is typical family medicine concerns, plus lots of gynecological issues, plenty of infectious disease problems, tons of pediatrics, some true emergencies and everything else that comes through the door. This year is definitely a special year since it is the first time the team will be caravaning to outlying communities

The cost per volunteer is $5,320.00 and is 100% self-funded. Please note that donations of $20.00 and over are income tax deductible, a receipt will be given upon request.

Thank you for your generosity,

And so the adventure begins…



Patricia Leith


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Croyez en vous et vous serez imparable!

Du 24 septembre au 11 octobre 2019, j’aurai le privilège de participer à une mission humanitaire au pays des Massaï à Terrat en Tanzanie. Ce voyage est sous la gouverne de l’Alliance de la santé communautaire Canada-Afrique / Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA)

Mon expérience de plus de 20 ans en tant que technologue en cardiologie/phlébotomiste (sur l’île de Vancouver puis à Brampton en Ontario et actuellement à l’hôpital Montfort, au service des urgences à l’Hôpital Civic d’Ottawa et à l’Institut de Cardiologie de l’Université d’Ottawa) ainsi que ma passion pour les soins de santé me permettent de profiter de cette grande opportunité. C’est un grand honneur qui m’est donné de participer à cette mission humanitaire avec avec un merveilleux groupe d’infirmières du Service des urgences de l’Hôpital Civiques d’Ottawa et d’autres personnes aux vues similaires que je n’ai pas encore rencontrées. La très dévouée chef de mission est le Dr. Jennifer Clow. . Elle est vraiment une femme spéciale avec une multitude de réalisations avec ses missions précédentes

Nous verrons en moyenne 2, 500 patients au cours de notre séjour de deux semaines avec une grande variété de plaintes. Il s’agit en grande partie de problèmes de médecine familiale typiques, de problèmes gynécologiques, de nombreux problèmes de maladies infectieuses, beaucoup de pédiatrie, de véritables urgences et de tout ce qui se passe par la porte. Cette année est vraiment une année spéciale, car c’est la première fois que l’équipe s’adresse aux communautés éloignées en caravan.

Le coût de cette expérience humanitaire est de 5,320$ par bénévole et doit être entièrement financé par le ou la bénévole.

Sachez que pour les dons de $20,00 et plus, un reçu pour fins d’impôts vous sera remis sur demande.

Grand merci de votre générosité !

Et alors l’aventure commence …


Patricia Leith
















Patricia Leith – Terrat Sep 2019

$2,430 of $5,300 raised
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Donation Total: $25.00

The individuals on these pages are raising funds in support of CACHA’s mission. The funds are given to CACHA to defray the costs of participation in, and supplies for, the mission, and not for the personal benefit of any participant. CACHA retains control over the use of all donated funds. Once the needs for the program have been met, or cannot be completed for any reason, any remaining contributions will be used where needed most.

Location: Terrat, Tanzania

Beneficiaries: 2000-2500 patients per mission

Partner: Simanjiro District Council

Terrat is in the heart of Maasailand in North-Central Tanzania, in the Simanjiro District.

CACHA partnered with the Simanjiro District Council in February 2014, to bring our first Medical Mission to Terrat.  At the time, we were the first Western Medical group to be welcomed into the community.  Since then, we have been working hard to build relationships with the Maasai community, the dispensary nurses and clinicians, and the local District Council.  September 2019 marks our tenth medical mission to Terrat.  We are starting to see healthier patients, improved compliance with medications and a greater understanding of illnesses. More importantly, the nurses and clinicians are becoming more independent, and are starting amazing initiatives to maintain and improve the health of their community.

The Maasai are traditionally a nomadic, pastoralist (cattle herding) culture.  The tribe is one of the best-known East African populations, due to their distinct traditions, culture, dress, and proximity to many game parks.

Terrat is an isolated area, being 2.5 hours from the closest city (Arusha). The local dispensary serves a catchment area of >20,000 people, including many surrounding villages.  The people of the area have very little, but are incredibly warm, welcoming and accepting. Our medical mission sees an average of 200-400 people per day. We focus not only on seeing patients but on working together with the local clinical team.  Capacity building is a primary objective.

Recently we have incorporated education sessions in local secondary schools, focusing on menstrual health and hygiene.  This mission we will be partnering with Kilipads, a Tanzanian organization working to provide reusable menstrual pads to local schoolgirls.

We have supported the building of a local HIV Care and Treatment Center and are continuing to support the development of better health-related infrastructure in the area.  Our mission has been developing educational tools for use with the local clinical team as well as with our patients.  We will be doing group education sessions with our patients on a variety of topics.

The Fall 2019 mission to Terrat will be a Caravan-style mission.  We will stay at a guest house in Terrat, and drive to one nearby village each mission day.  Two days (one day each week) will be spent at the dispensaries in Nadonjukin, Engonongoi, and Sukuro.  Three days will be spent at the Terrat dispensary.

Terrat is a wonderful community – please consider joining us in our Adventure!

More information is available by contacting the Mission Lead, Dr. Jennifer Clow (

For up to date travel information, please consult the Government of Canada – Travel Advice and Advisories site: The World Health Organization has a comprehensive website on the Ebola virus.

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