Neil Naik


Project: Ukerewe medical mission (MAR 25 TO APR 12, 2020)
Start Date: 25/03/2020

Universal health care is a basic right for everyone.  I remember walking through the streets of India when I was 11 with my mother and noticing people begging for money for food, water, shelter, and medicine.  The first three I understood because it was the same issues that affect individuals in Canada, but the last one didn’t sit right.

Why does someone need to pay to receive basic care? How do we as a society allow other people to suffer because receiving care is beyond their means?

This was all tucked away and compartmentalized, and I went about grade school, medical school, and residency.  I landed my job, and then I remembered that moment.  I wonder if that one experience drove me this entire time, but regardless, I joined CACHA and have been on 2 trips since 2016, this being my third medical caravan.

It is an honour to be able to go and help those who need someone to talk to, listen, and help.  To be able to see the same patients again and to provide medical care, assurances, and longitudinal care plans is the reason why I went into medicine.  We are working on an electronic health system so that those on Ukerewe Island can have medical care that approaches the level of care we have in Canada.

Through my journey, I have learned that medical care is not information that should be confined to the mind of the clinician, but rather information that should be taught freely to everyone who suffers, or who takes care of someone who suffers from an ailment; anyone can learn.

I look forward to being a tool through which our growing global society will thrive, and to be on this fantastic opportunity to help those who are like us and who are trying to do more than just survive.

Neil Naik – Ukerewe

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