Karin Euler


Project: Ukerewe Fall 2022
Start Date: 17/10/2022

Many thanks for supporting me in the important work on the island of Ukerewe. I now have a 12 year relationship with the medical community of this impoverished area of Tanzania. Doing the medical mission work there inspires me to do facilitate and fundraise for other important projects. So far this work has included:
-Obstetrical ultrasound funding and training
-Emergency LVC Childrens’ Fund (helping children get to tertiary medical care)
-Road safety project
-reusable sanitary pad project
-sponsoring clinical officers to become medical doctors, medical doctors to become specialists
-sponsoring COVID supplies
-solar oxygen project, funding oxygen refill canisters to hospital
-pediatric malnutrition project
-cervical cancer screening project

Karin Euler – “Ukerewe Mission – October 2022”

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