Location: Shirati, Tanzania

Dates: August 7-24, 2019

Team Leader: Terry Janzen

Partner: Shirati Diocese


Our plan for the Shirati Diocese August infrastructure project consists of multiple projects.

Firstly, we will be assisting with the on-going build at the Bishop Kisare Vocational Open School managed and owned by Kanisa La Mennonite Tanzania Diocese in Shirati, Tanzania. The school, now fully accredited, has a multi-year build plan, and we expect to be assisting in concrete block manufacturing and then building walls of a new workshop with the newly manufactured blocks. The Vocational Open School Faculties include Welding/Manufacturing, Auto Mechanics, Tailoring, Electrical, Carpentry/Joinery, and Driver Education.

Secondly, we will be involved in building mud huts for some of the most vulnerable in the Diocese. These upgraded mud huts included extended metal sheeting for the roof. This is to protect the sides of the hut from driving rain so it can last longer than the traditional thatched roof huts. We expect to build another one or two of these during this 2019 visit.

Thirdly, we expect to have some of our female Team members become involved again at local schools by providing health training and coaching in the areas of female hygiene. Mama Maisha, a local non-profit organization dedicated to women’s health and safe pregnancies is partnering with a Kitchener, Ontario chapter of Days for Girls, a Charity dedicated to providing female hygiene education and re-usable feminine hygiene products. The Kitchener chapter has been working with some students from a local high school to fulfill their required volunteer hours by getting them to cut fabric for the construction of washable, reusable hygienic underwear for females. We plan to bring and distribute several hundred of these undergarments during our visit.

Finally, and maybe, most importantly, we hope to continue to build relationships with our Shirati friends. Over the years, we have made connections with many people who have taught us a lot. These relationships are important and we hope to continue to learn from and build friendships with our connections in Tanzania.

Monica hut (002)

To join this field visit, please contact the Team Leader  Terry Janzen

Shirati Diocese – Infrastructure project

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