The Pamoju Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club (PTBGC): A partnership with Worlds Collide Africa

Location: Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

'Pamoja tunaweza' means 'together we can' in Swahili. Pamoja Tunaweza Boys & Girls Club (PTBGC) was born out of the desire to provide education and employment opportunities to the most at-risk and vulnerable youth in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania; particularly male street-connected youth between the ages of 16-24. With our team of talented local leaders, we hope to make a significant impact on this cycle of poverty by focusing on these youth whom are so often left out of national and international aid programs. 

Run by seven local leaders, who were themselves homeless at a point in their lives, the club provides a safe and healthy environment to develop the skills they need to contribute to a sustainable future.

Current Work

We have two main programs at PTBGC: the Street-Connected Youth Education Program and the Pamoja Tunaweza Workshop. Our leaders conduct all the programming.

The Street-Connected Youth Education Program (SCYEP) is a half-day, 2-year informal education and vocational training program that targets male street-connected youth ages 16-24. The SCYEP recruits 15 youth from the streets of Moshi and teaches English, basic business, life skills, health, children’s rights, tailoring, jewelry and art. Upon successful completion of the SCYEP, graduates are eligible for employment in the Pamoja Tunaweza Workshop.

The Pamoja Tunaweza Workshop (PTW) employs some of the most at-risk and vulnerable youth in the Kilimanjaro region; almost exclusively graduates from PTBGC programming. PTW employees produce our signature products for sale at our curio shop, and for wholesale purchase to local and international businesses. Employment through PTW provides an opportunity for youth to become self-sustainable, responsible and contributing members of society; something they would most likely be unable to achieve without PTBGC.

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Next Steps

Continue to empower the young men and women to reach their full potential and become productive, self-sustaining, responsible, members of the community.


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