Children Living With HIV/AIDS (CLWHA) Programme

Location: Kilema, Tanzania

Children Living with HIV/AIDS (CLWHA) Project

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The CLWHA Programme was developed to support children with HIV/AIDS through specially trained home based care (HBC) workers.

The HBC workers are not only responsible for monitoring the children closely in their home environment, but also teaching the children and caregivers about adherence to medication and its importance, awareness about the disease, and strategies for living positively with HIV.

Current Work

The Care Treatment Centre at the Kilema Hospital refers children to the CLWHA Programme on a regular basis, and we currently have over 90 children of all ages in the program.

Our aim is to support these children, and have been able to do so with the support of the Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation.

Next Steps

CACHA is supporting the CLWHA Programme in increasing outreach to address the discrimination and stigma that accompanies a HIV positive diagnosis. Outreach is done in the homes, at school through teacher training, and at the hospital through seminars about healthy living and healthy choices.

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