Kamengo Uganda Mission Spring 2023

Location: Kamengo, Uganda

Dates: March 27 to April 6, 2023

Mission Lead: Jimmy Sebulime and Christine Souliere

Mission Cost per participant: $3,500

Estimated Flight Cost: $ 1,500 – $2,500 international flight

Partner: AZBGC, Ggoli Health Center, Nkozi Hospital

Beneficiaries: 3000+ people from 35+ villages in the surrounding area Primary mission language: English

Canada-Africa Community Health Alliance (CACHA), is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. For our medical mission to Kamengo, we are looking for volunteers to join our team of 15-20 people and below you can find an outline of what you might expect if you come along.

Wherever you come from, whatever your profession and background, we would be delighted to have you join our team. We work closely together as a team of Canadian and Ugandan nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physicians, surgeons, and logisticians* to provide the local people with free health care services including:

· primary health care including gyne

· eye exams and reading glasses

· HIV, Malaria and Syphilis testing

· dental extractions

· surgeries

· medications

*Note: logisticians are non-medical people who organize everything so that the medical people can see patients.


In this first post Covid medical mission we have set the following the objectives for the medical mission, working with our Kamengo partners to:

1. Provide health care services in a safe and effective manner taking into consideration Covid safety protocols (offerings masks, social distancing, hand washing and hand sanitizing stations)

2. Provide access to high quality health care services and to support the local health care system including the sharing of information between Canadian and Ugandan medical personnel.

3. Offering services at the Ggoli Health Center, with surgeries being scheduled and performed in partnership with the Nkozi Hospital.

4. Contribute to the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS

5. Work with our partners to build local capacity such that they are in control of the medical mission and able to take over any portion as needed or as they might choose. For example:

– What is the best way to serve the people of Kamengo?

– How best can we learn from each other?

– How best can the CACHA team support the work of the health care providers in Kamengo?

– How do we ensure people are safe while waiting to be seen and who is to be seen?

For up to date travel information, please consult the Government of Canada – Travel Advice and Advisories site: http://travel.gc.ca/destinations/ The World Health Organization has a comprehensive website on the Ebola virus. http://www.who.int/csr/disease/ebola/en/

Kamengo Uganda Mission Spring 2023

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Christine Souliere

By EA | September 16, 2022

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March 27 to April 6, 2023

CACHA medical missions are non-profit and self-funded by volunteers and their donors. The mission cost  is disbursed over a variety of mission-related expenses including; accommodation, food, in-country transportation, allowances for locally engaged partners, medical and logistics equipment and supplies, communications, customs, medical treatments and referrals for patients, as well as CACHA overhead and management, CACHA membership fee, and helps to support many of our CACHA projects.

All donations submitted to CACHA toward payment of mission costs and plane tickets are tax deductible.

To join this mission, please complete and send an application form, along with your CV to CACHA’s Mission Coordinator at: apo@cacha.ca

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